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We have recently purchased a brand new V-Tech 2wd twin eddy braked dyno system.

The VT series of chassis dynamometers have been present on the European market for more than a decade. Today our offer of dynamometers includes one axle rolling roads and chassis dynamometers for 4x4 vehicles.

One axle dyno. Our dyno is equipped with two eddy current brakes with maximum braking torque 1600 Nm - thanks to that we have the possibility of measuring cars up to 1000 HP.

Our dyno is pre-calibrated, the results from all our dynos would be equal (within 1% of tolerance).

Using our 2WD Dyno rolling road, we can carry out fault finding, live mapping, set ups and power runs. We are an approved ECUTEK SOFTWARE APPROVED DEALER Nissan R35 GTR / SUBARU BRZ / IMPREZZA / FORD FOCUS RS / ST / MUSTANG 2.3 ECOBOOST .


We also offer custom files for various standard makes and models using the original ECU. We also provide all types of fitting service for any upgrade package we offer & service / maintenance / mot testing facility onsite.

We are able to provide Car Club enthusiasts the chance to test their vehicles at one of our rolling road days, where each vehicle tested will be provided with a print out of their torque and power outputs. Please feel free to contact us to arrange a day for your club. Most days can be catered for including Saturdays and Sundays.

Additional discounts are available for larger groups.

Below is the full spec of our dyno:

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